BATH TUB RACE 2013 – Let’s get a few things straight!

A recent article appeared in The Argus in which the Arundel Festival are rude and stupid enough to insinuate that I am not capable of organising the Arundel Bath Tub Race, with the comment

“However, with an increase in requirements needed to comply with legislation and manage the risks associated with running a large festival, the organisation and administration of the bath tub race along all the other events, is best co-ordinated through the festival team.”

Let’s get a few things straight shall we?!

I deeply resent any assertion that I may not be capable of running this event from a Committee with no knowledge of the logistics involved, or any previous history of its’ management. The River Arun is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the Country and it must be respected.  There is no room for arrogant bluff in the management of this event.

I have been the sole oganiser for the last 12 years and safety and integrity of infrastructure have always been paramount.

Every year I have provided:

  • a ‘front line’ Paramedic Ambulance on site.
  • safety boats crewed by RYA, RNLI and Royal Navy trained Safety Boat Drivers and first aiders.
  • a quantity of safety boats exceeding the ‘ratio to vessels’ required for racing at sea.
  • a 5000 word Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan which I present to the Sussex emergency services Chief Emergency Planning Officer, to his complete satisfaction.
  • specialist insurance cover.

I also regularly liaise with the Littlehampton Harbour Master and Local Authorities.

I have built up the event from 5 teams to 36 teams over 12 years, and regularly attract teams from as far afield as Kent, Dublin and even Brazil. This has not been achieved by not knowing what I’m doing!

The Festival Committee have already overlooked some key elements of the event, and concerned ‘tubbers have contacted me forecasting a “dog’s breakfast”.

Not content with unauthorised use of my intellectual property and copyright protected material, it seems the event will be run in a manner which raises concern.  Therefore both I and Starboard Media (who run my website and who have also suffered theft of material,) wish to disassociate ourselves from the proposed shaky infrastructure.

After all, we all know that a Camel is a Horse designed by a committee!

Since I have organised this event 818 people have taken part without incident or criticism.  I think I have managed rather well without a committee thank you!

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  1. Victoria says:

    I am deeply saddened by this news and way you have been treated. If today’s opening carnival parade is anything to go by we are definitely in for a ‘dogs breakfast’ next weekend. One Chinese dragon a samba band and some inappropriately dressed ‘burlesque’ girls does not constitute a parade. I remember taking my children to this event when it had floats, several bands and childrens’s groups and this is what it has been reduced to by the same committee who wil no doubt reduce the bath tub race to a single bath tub manned by belly dancers!

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