Bath Tub Race 2013 – Charity

We have received many calls and emails from concerned ‘tubbers’ regarding the charitable status of this year’s race.  I must stress once again that both Starboard Media and I have been excluded from the organising process this year (please see previous post), and therefore take no responsibility for the distribution of entry fees.

We both find it deeply regrettable that our preferred partner, Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, will not benefit from the race this year.

Over the years we have developed a fantastic relationship with the Chestnut team and have raised up to £2500 for them in a single year!

Concerned ‘tubbers’ tell me that when enquiring with the Arundel Festival Committee as to the recipient of entry fees, they are informed “Arundel Festival is a charity.” Neither long-time supporters of the race nor new enthusiasts are finding much reassurance in this statement.

Whilst it appears from their brochure that 50% of collections made on the day will go to charity, no such assurance is given regarding entry fees!!

Naturally, as Organiser for the last 12 years, I am receiving a considerable number of these enquiries, hence the unusual step of making this statement.  This is not an expression of ‘sour grapes’ but a valid response to the level of concern felt by bath tub race supporters.

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