As most people now know the Arundel Bath Tub Race 2013 has met a U-bend in the plumbing this year, in the form of the underhand meddling of a committee.

Since this announcement we have received many messages of support and expressions of disgust at what the Arundel Festival Committee have done.  Both previous and prospective entrants and supporters are outraged at the way this charity event has been hijacked.

The level of solidarity shown by the bath tub racing community is quite overwhelming.  Affection for my parents and appreciation of our years of hard work as a family unit has proved particularly touching.  This is something no committee can replicate no matter how much they spend on advertising!

A small sample of messages received are reproduced below.

” . . . they all feel that we should stay loyal to you, and the charity, and boycott this year’s event.”

“I will not be supporting this fake-race of bathtubers.”

“Bad news on how Arundel Festival has treated yourself regarding the 2013 Bath Tub race.”

“I have seen many people’s ideas get trampled but this is just too far!”

“It’ disgusting, I won’t be going to any of the Arundel Festival events.”

“I will not be supporting this year’s event. I am sure that it will not be as good this year as has been in the past.  Not sure that the charities will receive money or not.”

“Your event has been ripped off”

“Just wanted to say that what has happened to you is very shitty and not on.”

“I am also disgusted with this news, and I can assure you, that you have my absolute and total support.”

One gentleman has been rather more succinct “Well bollocks to the committee and the festival.”

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