Spirit FM support the one true bathtub race

The move from Arundel to Littlehampton is proving very popular and is sure to be even more so thanks to Spirit FMThe Incredible Arun Bathtub Race 2014 is the latest in the history of the original bathtub race on the Arun stretching back over 40 years, and your intrepid organiser has been invited to take to the airwaves to promote the event.

Pin back your ears and listen for the Local Link feature, twice a day, every day between now and the event on SUNDAY AUGUST 24TH.  Not only that, but news items will be featured closer to the event.

Despite those who wish to run a copycat version further upriver, there’s only one true bathtub race, and it’s INCREDIBLE!

Thanks to Ian ‘Crouchie’ Crouch and John on the news team!



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