BATH TUB RACE 2013 – Very best of luck

Despite the appalling conduct of the Arundel Festival Committee, I would like to wish any 2013 Arundel Festival Bath Tub Racers the very best of luck.

I normally avoid the Bank Holiday weekend as there are so many other events and traffic is always a nightmare, unfortunately the ‘fake race’ is on a Bank Holiday Saturday.  Parking in Arundel during August is always at a premium and last year (not a bank holiday) I filled every space in the town with my bath race alone!

Whether the weather forecast is a form of divine intervention or karma I couldn’t say, however I think you will get a good soaking whether you choose to enter or just spectate.  The fact that there are some church groups boycotting this race is just a coincidence I’m sure?!

If, given the weather forecast you are still entering, then I’m sure every one of you would deserve a trophy (like the one thumbnailed), which is unfortunate as the ‘fake race’ is not planning to give any.  In fact, having done battle in your river worthy wacky racers all day, you will then be asked to wait until 7-8pm to get a soggy ‘certificate’!!

Most of the categories in the official race are not even being recognised such as First Ladies, First Oversize, First Multi Crew, First Youth Team, Wooden Spoon, etc!

Some entrants have forecast a ‘dog’s breakfast’.

I couldn’t possibly comment.

BTR12_Individual Trophy

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  1. Janice Doolitle says:

    Wow! That looks so fun and exciting game! I hope there was a video of this posted. The one who will get the trophy truly deserves it. -

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