Bath Tub Race 2013 – Beware of imitations!

It is with dismay that I must announce the Incredible Arundel Festival Bath Tub Race will not take place this year.

The Arundel festival committee have chosen not to fund arrangements for this long-standing event, and instead run a copy-cat version themselves.  They have even ripped off my bath tub race entry form, bath tub specifications, intellectual property, images and presentation styles!

In doing so they have infringed several copyrights belonging to myself and Starboard Media Ltd who kindly look after this website.

Unfortunately at this late stage and without sponsorship it would not be possible to arrange the official bath tub race.

This new event has been organised behind my back and despite the team behind it having no experience of the noble art of bath tub racing, my offers of support have been ignored.  Suggestions being made that I have stepped down or no longer wish to be involved with the event are wholly untrue.  Besides anything else, the level of discourtesy shown is quite incredible.

Therefore, at this stage I must disassociate myself and Starboard Media Ltd from this event, as we cannot vouch for the level of organisation involved or precautions taken.

To the faithful bath-tubber this is merely a patch of choppy water to be endured (or avoided) in the rich tapestry of bath tub racing.  A ‘U-bend’ in the plumbing so to speak!

To those who have supported me over the years or who are new to the event, don’t pull the plug, bath tub racing (the true sport of kings) will prevail!  The official event will return organised by those who have nurtured it over the last 12 years.

If I am able to update you with more positive news I will do as soon as I can.

Event Organiser

3 Responses to “Bath Tub Race 2013 – Beware of imitations!”

  1. andrew king says:

    Good evening,

    I have done two bath races with you over the 3 years. Bath tub crusaders in a castle and pirates of the carib-arun in a pirate ship.

    Just wanted to say that what has happened to you is very shitty and not on. If you choose to organise further events in the future let me know and I should be able to put flyers up at work in Horsham.

  2. Steve Beall says:

    Dear Martin, Starboard Media UK and team

    I am also disgusted with this news, and I can assure you, that you have my absolute and total support.

    As a previous team member of various battub entries, namely,
    2008 Rocky Balboa
    2009 Save our Super Heroes
    2010 Love Deuce
    2011 Village Idiots
    2012 The Cornish Pirate, and Grease

    I intend to boycott and not enter the copy cat bathtub race.

    I am concerned that any funds generated will not go to Charity as before.

    I will of course support you and your team in the future

    Fellow Tubber, Steve Beall

  3. Paul Waring says:

    So what’s actually happening? Was there a meeting?

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