Who you gonna call…?

Well, it was my second year at the Arundel Bathtub Race, and what a year!

Last year I took part as a last minute thing as part of the team ‘French Fancies’ who won first ladiea team across the line. I enjoyed it so much I got involved with the event itself by providing the website, and managing the twitter and Facebook group to keep you all as up to date as possible!


So this year, we used the same boat as before, which happens to be Martin Harvey’s ol’ faithful boat from way back in the day. Last year it was painted as a French Flag, this year, it’s the Ghostbuster car.

We painted it white and red, hand-painted on the Ghostbuster logo, then put a few modifications on like the fins and number plates which was a last minute addition on the day.

Here is Ecto-2 on the day we painted it.

Ghostbusters car

Huge thanks to The Beresford crew for letting us store our boat at their pub and for not drilling holes in the bottom like they said they would!

B-day (Bathtub Day)

We were extremely fortunate that the actual day of the event blessed us with glorious weather and it stayed that way. Beautiful hot sunshine, which unfortunately the wasps seemed to enjoy as well!

The day started with modifying our boat and a few paint touch ups. I also had a film crew with me to organise who were capturing the event and interviewing people throughout the day.

Here they are interviewing Chris and Joe from the Atlantic Rowing Adventure

Starboard Media UK

The Race

We managed to get into our boats around quarter past 2, where we witnessed a team right in front of us fall into the river twice before they even got in, and The Beresford Pub were already enjoying a pint from their bar.

The race started in chaos. We had a bag full of water balloons and water pistols, completely drenching the other teams, and they retaliated with eggs, flour and more water balloons.

We managed to overtake a large majority of boats on the way down. The Beresford Pub was no where to be seen, and we were thirsty!

Halfway point

Round the halfway buoy at the end, and then the current hit us, and we appeared to be going backwards. Finally managed to get some momentum to move forward, only to see the G-nome Project coming towards us, who appeared to have one of their Gnomes hanging off the side of the boat.

She decided to swim towards us to try and pull us into the water, but we managed to paddle away at approximately 1.5mph (what a speed!).

We then seemed to be paddling by ourselves in the river, no other Bathtubs in sight… then the film crew passed shouting ‘WHO YOU GONNA CALL?’ which prompted a little sing song. If anyone knows the rest of the lyrics to Ghostbusters… ? Cos we don’t.

After a while, we heard a speed boat approaching, and when we turned round, we saw the G-nome project girls being towed past. They had got stuck and had to be rescued.

In the distance, we could see what looked like 4-5 people standing on a bathtub boat, but no one was paddling. On closer inspection, it was The Beresford Pub – and their pub had collapsed. Some were sat on stalls, some holding on for dear life, but each with a can of beer, enjoying the sunshine.

Beresford Pub

We found one of their cans floating in the river which was a refreshing little lift halfway through the race!

We weren’t far from the finish line, when we were ambushed by some guys on the river bed with a bucket of water balloons!

The final stretch

There’s an amazing view as you come round the corner to see The Black Rabbit, hundreds of people, and Arundel Castle in the background. We arrived to the sounds of the Ghostbusters Theme tune and lots of cheers.

We watched the rest of the teams come in, which is always entertaining. A lot of them jumped off the boats into the river, and one team even had a smoke flare to bring them home.

All in all it was a fantastic day, one not to be forgotton, and I’m already looking forward to next year… bring on the Bathtubs!


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