Ways to get involved and raise money this year

I know you’re all busy building your Bathtub boats and designing your costumes, but just want to take 5 minutes to give you a few ideas for raising money this year.

Each year money is raised in various ways from collections to raffles and competitions; if you want to get involved this is a short guide to let you know how you can do your bit!


The most exciting way to raise money is to take part! It’s £20 per bathtub boat, so a fiver each if there are 4 in a tub, and you get to take part in the race itself. Click here to find out more about entering.

Team collection

If you are participating as part of a team representing a business or establishment, you might want to get a collection going as some of last years contestants did (e.g. South Downs pub in Felpham had a collection going on the bar).

If you want to do this, let us know and we can provide you with a some flyers and information to let your friends and customers know they are donating to a good cause.

Charity Raffle

We are currently looking for some more donations towards the raffle from local businesses (although you don’t even need to be local!). If you think you have a product or service suitable for the raffle we’d love to hear from you.

In return you will get your logo, link and a blurb on our website about your service and will be announced with your prize when the raffle is drawn.

For those wanting to take part – raffle tickets will be available for sale on the day.

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