Massage Tech sponsor the 2014 Bath Tub Race

Next to join the Incredible Arun Bath Tub Race sponsors’ Hall of Fame is Massage Tech.

A locally based company specialising in sports massage equipment, Massage Tech brings the centuries old technique of massage to the vibrant sports and recreation market.

Their hand held electric massager employs Oscillating Pad Technology to oxygenate the blood, warm the muscles and flush away toxins such as Lactic Acid.  This provides both pre, during and post workout benefits, such as faster warm up time, reduced likelihood of muscle tears during exercise or the occurence of cramps afterwards.

To be launched shortly, their brand new product will ‘turbo charge’ your workout and decrease recovery time.

As a keen cyclist myself I may just give this a try, and it certainly sounds like the sort of thing every competitive rower needs!

Thanks to all the guys and girls at Massage Tech for your support!


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